The Christmas Shoe Tree

Voicing: UNIS/2PT
Level: Easy
Time: 45 minutes

The Christmas Shoe Tree

A Christmas musical for Kids with a Soles4Souls Challenge

Arrangers: Jeff Slaughter, Preston Dalton, Spencer Dalton

A Christmas Musical for Kids with a Soles4Souls Challenge to engage your Children's Choir, Church and Community, in a life-changing effort to impact the shoe and one soul at a time!

The Brentwood Kids Music Club, and our good friends at Soles4Souls, have partnered together to present, not just another new, delightfully fun Christmas Musical for your Kids Choir, but a musical that, from its very beginnings, is designed to help educate, challenge, and inspire your kids, your church and your community to come together in a unique and powerful way to truly make a difference, one pair of shoes and one soul at a time.

The Christmas Shoe Tree, created by the zany, uber-talented, and, and innovative mind of one of today's most powerful communicators of biblical truth for kids, Jeff Slaughter, introduces something both new and unique for your Kids Choir.

First, meet the kids from the Loggins' Family–Yule, Todd and Carol. Then, arrive at the family's Christmas tree farm where you'll soon discover what all the excitement is about surrounding the fabled Christmas Shoe Tree. Through Scripture, songs and a heart-warming story, your children's choir will not only share the “Good News” of Christmas, but, in an extension of the musical itself, your kids, church, and members of your community, will show God's love in action as they collect shoes to be given to those in need all over the world. One by one, watch it grow from one pair, for one soul, to hundreds of pairs for hundreds of souls. Combine all of the churches across the country who will be doing the same thing, and, prayerfully, thousands and thousands of pairs of shoes will be collected and distributed to those in need.

Created by VBS guru, Jeff Slaughter, and arranged by the talented duo of brothers Preston and Spencer Dalton, you'll find a variety of musical styles throughout this fun-filled Christmas presentation combining new songs along with some of your favorite Christmas carols.

In addition to the Split-Track Accompaniment CD and the Split-Track Accompaniment DVD options, there is also a hands-on, “learn-the movements” DVD by Jeff Slaughter. As always, use of the Split-Track Accompaniment DVD will add another dimension to your presentation of this slice of real life, culturally challenging, presentation of the Gospel message for the Christmas season–The Christmas Shoe Tree!

Songs include: Overture-Joy to the World! • Can't Stop These Shoes with Go, Tell It on the Mountain • Heaven and Nature Medley (Joy, Joy, Joy to the World/Joy to the World!/There's a Song in the Air) • I'll Have a Bluegrass Christmas Without Shoes • Christmas wRappin' • Walk of Love • O Come, All Ye Faithful • Reprise (Christmas wRappin'/Go, Tell It on the Mountain/Can't Stop These Shoes)

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